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Varied and comprehensive experience to serve corporate needs and maintenance of corporate portfolios.

In the corporate field we have varied and extensive experience ranging from the planning of corporate structures to the incorporation of companies, including the preparation of shareholder agreements, joint ventures and other corporate arrangements.

M&A is a core area of our corporate practice, which warrants a special mention. Our attorneys have knowledge and expertise in handling mergers and acquisitions for both domestic and foreign companies. Notably, we provide a full range of legal services to clients desiring to merge with or to acquire other companies in Mexico, including the negotiation, due diligence and drafting of the corresponding agreements.

The Firm represents both purchasers and sellers of practically all types of companies, while we furnish counsel on domestic and international transactions including full-scale mergers, restructuring transactions, joint ventures, asset purchases and spin-offs, to name a few.

In particular we design and negotiate business combinations, counsel on antitrust, tax, minority protection rights or any other legal implications of mergers and acquisitions.

Our Firm also handles the day to day corporate matters of its clients. As a result, we often keep the corporate books and records of our clients and work hand-in-hand with their investment bankers, financial advisors, and auditors so as to maintain them up to date, likewise our partners usually serve as corporate secretaries, examiners or even board members of our client companies, as well as attorneys-in-fact representing and protecting those clients' interests.

Another facet of the Firm's management of the clients' daily corporate maintenance is the coordination and preparation of shareholders' meeting minutes, granting and revoking of powers of attorney, and transfer of shares together with all notarizations, legalizations and registrations required under Mexican law.


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