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Innovative and effective solutions to protect and defend your Intellectual Property assets.

The Firm has managed to bring together a team of highly qualified attorneys specialized in this area to obtain, to protect and to preserve our client’s intangible assets.

Our expertise on IP litigation allows us to represent our client’s interests on a broad kind of proceedings, namely litigation before the administrative authorities as well as litigation before Federal Courts, and in some cases, we have handled cases before civil and criminal courts in cases involving IP rights.

Therefore, other than the ordinary cases involving Trademark and Patent litigation, we also provide assistance in enforcement, mainly regarding software anti-piracy and actions involving copyrights, advertising and entertainment.

In addition, we advise clients on industrial property mediation and/or arbitration supporting to our Departments of Antitrust, M&A and Corporate Law in all cases involving IP assets.

On the other hand, our firm provides services for filing, prosecution and maintenance of Intellectual Property rights, as well as managing of IP portfolios and intellectual property due diligence.

Furthermore, this area handles cases for valuation of intangible goods, protection of industrial secrets and privileged information and preparation of agreements for licensing, franchising, agency and distributionship, among others.

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